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Superior North LLC seeks to find and invest in undervalued companies that are the perfect engines for long term growth. These investments range from overseeing startup type projects to actively investing in various securities and managing Superior North’s portfolio. Superior North strives not only to find undervalued stocks, but also to create value in people’s lives by passing on the knowledge that the members have gained over the years.

Our Managing Partners

Chief Executive Manager

Vyom Joshi

Vyom is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. Vyom holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, and has taken multiple management and startup courses during his time in Austin. Vyom enjoys learning and performing technical, fundamental, and sentimental analysis on various securities. Vyom is the Chief Executive Officer of Superior North LLC. He considers himself a value investor and a disciple of Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett and Ben Graham. Here is a list of Vyom’s top 10 recommended books of all time. Here is a list of Vyom’s written blog posts. 

Our YouTube Videos:

IBM Fundamental Stock Analysis, Key Ratios, DCF, and IRR Calculations
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Tesla’s Fundamental Stock Analysis

CVS Fundamental Stock Analysis


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